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    cast nets & inlets.

    Check out my adventure to Sunset Beach, North Carolina.

    You can read my complete photo story, here.


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    This particular day in my life taught me so much & I’d love to share this experience with you through words & photographs.


  3. I really am blessed to be surrounded by the people I am surrounded by. I’ve had so many incredible conversations and so many incredible memories have been made within the last few months and I can’t express how lucky I feel to have the best group of friends I could ever ask for. The people in my life right now mean the world to me and I’m lucky to have people like that that I can always rely on and who will always have my back. I really don’t deserve such incredible people to call my friends, but I am so lucky that I DO have such amazing friends and for that I am so blessed.

    I’m excited for upcoming adventures that are being planned out, I can’t wait to make more incredible memories.

    But for now, here is a photograph.. a photograph that is only possible with the presence of Light. Without that Light I would be uploading a black square right now. And I feel like that is how my group of friends supports me. They keep this darkness and absence of LIGHT away and allow me to live the best possible life I can live. Which makes me feel some incredibly lucky. So for my best friends, thank you. You mean more to me than you will ever know.

  4. green.

  5. T U X E D O S

  6. Winter Park, Florida

  7. Beach Day. • April 27th, 2014.

  8. What a night. Music brings people together unlike any other medium in the world. It gives complete strangers a sense of community with each other because everyone is there for the same exact reason. For the love of music. It truly is a beautiful thing to witness how much music can bring people together. It was an honor to watch maydayparadeband perform tonight.

  9. A Big Red Rectangle. Part II.

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  10. A Big Red Rectangle. Part I.

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  11. Happy Record Store Day!!! Stoked about these albums I got today!

  12. Just a single lamp…

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  13. The things you find in a Belk’s parking lot…

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  14. Hotel Portrait.

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  15. Here is a photograph of myself that I made today. I’ve come to realize that transitions are such an amazing time in life. But in this transition of living in a space that I’ve always known as home and now living in a new space that I now am forced to call a home, is very weird to me. Even though I’ve been at my grandparents house since I was in diapers it still doesn’t feel like the space I have always been in. So I guess confusion is the first word that comes to mind with everything that’s going on. My mind is restless. My photographs are in a chaos, I’m not thinking clearly these past few days and I feel that a change in environment has been the best and worst thing for me. It’s given me a sense of new space to seek and explore but it’s also made the chaos of all of this magnified. And I can’t say that has helped nor hurt me but it’s certainly made my mind more cluttered. Which has certainly hindered every aspect of my life. So in this chaos I am going to just start making photographs. Bad ones, beautiful ones, pointless ones, “wrong” ones I’m going to explore. I’m going to seek what I really want and I’m not going to stop till I see clearly. I’ve learned very recently how strong a still photograph can be. How much it can speak to someone. How it can say something more then words, sounds, touch. It can move people and it can change people to feel something more then any other medium I know of. I want to get to the point where I make people feel something with a photograph I’ve made. Even if it is only one person. Because that’s what art has done for me, it’s guided me it’s shown me that no one is alone in the world that their is always someone going through the same situation and that pushes me to create. That pushes me to create for others while creating for myself as a way of therapy for my own cluttered mind. So, here is a photograph of myself, of my new space. Here is my photograph.